Day 3 of 100 Days

Day 3: 2018/04/28

Today’s Topic: Python: A byte of python

Today’s Progress: I started on page 89. (problem solving). The first problem(or follow along practice) is “backup files”. I finished version 2 (page 95)

Thoughts: There are things that is in the notes that does not work well on Windows systems. But a quick Google search (which leads me to stack overflow) and some testing gives me good result. Programming is not about how much you remember, but it is about how you can search and get the correct answer. Another thing is, we can improve the original design and make it better and better.


  • os.path.exists(path)
  • instead of os.system(command), I can use on windows to handle path with space (C:\Program Files…)
  • analysis → design → operation → deployment → maintenance

Link to work: Link to my own Google drive to show my progress here.

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