Day 7 of 100 Days

Day 7: 2018/05/02

Today’s Topic: Python: A byte of python

Today’s Progress: I am already done with most of the basic Python concept, so today we are going to the “more” chapter (page 128), and ends in page 134 (before “what’s next”)

Thoughts: Once we go to the “more” section, the interesting part starts. We talked about the lambda expression, the list comprehension (both are fairly important and useful), and the *args and **args refresher also makes sense. The decorator part needs revisit as well.


  • pass “tuples” around → func abc returns (a, b), then you can do x, y = abc(), in which x = a, y = b.
  • swap value → a, b = b, a
  • in your own class, x[key] → implemnt __getitem__()
  • special methods: __init__(self,…), __del__(self), __str__(self) → print(obj), __lt__(self, other) → compare less than, __getitem__(self, key) → x[key], __len__(self)
  • single stmt block→ if flag: print(‘yes’)
  • lambda function
  • list comprehension
  • receiving tuples (*) or dictionarys (**) in functions
  • assert
  • To Do: decorators ← re-read
  • To Do: python 2 vs python 3 → six, …

Link to work: Link to my own Google drive to show my progress here.

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