Day 11 of 100 Days

Day 11: 2018/05/06

Today’s Topic: Python: General

Today’s Progress: I finished a version of the phone book task. (still not perfect I think).

Thoughts: Today I scratch the idea I had yesterday (which is a Person class with a bunch of methods). Instead, I just use a bunch of methods and that worked ok for me. I also tried to use the pickle method, and the result is better than I imagined.


  • Always starts with a design first, then start coding small, gradually add more functionality. Don’t leap before you can walk.
  • pickle.load(pickle)
  • pickle.dump(information, pickle)
  • to load or dump, the permission needs to be ‘wb’ or ‘rb’
  • I still think this can be improved, but I stopped here for this is a working version, and you can always improve no matter how good the code is.

Link to work: Link to my own Google drive to show my progress here.

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