Day 13 of 100 Days

Day 13: 2018/05/08

Today’s Topic: Python: Generic

Today’s Progress: Today my progress is hitchhiker’s style guide  + PEP8 + this style guide.

Thoughts: My goal for today is to read more and build up my coding style (correctly and consistently). The problem is because I have followed so many tutorials (is it a good thing or a bad thing?) that each instructor has his/her own coding style. I would like to make sure I come up with my own but also follow the PEP8 standard.


  • import this
  • ignore with __ (double underscore) instead of (_) because of this:
    _” is commonly used as an alias for the gettext() function, and is also used at the interactive prompt to hold the value of the last operation.
    This contradicts (or is different from) what I put yesterday in the notes for “ignore”.

Link to work: N/A

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