Day 14 of 100 Days

Day 14: 2018/05/09

Today’s Topic: Python: Generic

Today’s Progress: I finished PEP8 and the extended style guide.

Thoughts: After reading PEP8, some of my previous questions (like how to import) are solved. I now know when I started, I had some questions, and that’s normal. You might find your answers after a while (when you get to it.) I don’t have to rush into it, but it’s also good if I can find the answer somehow.


  • something = x*2 + y ← space for the lower priority operators
  • What’s the difference between “parameter” and “argument”?
    The parameter is what’s given in the function declaration/definition/prototype, An Argument(Actual argument) is what’s passed when calling the function, an instance of a  parameter. (extracted from here.)
  • need to be careful where the underscore is: how many they are, before or after and what they mean etc.
  • if foo is not None:  better than if not foo is None:
  • if isinstance(obj, int): better than if type(obj) is type(1):
  • Contradicts to my own believe:
    Rarely create your own exception types
  • use reST docstrings
  • good_names + explicit_defaults > verbose_docs + type_specs
  • You should usually prefer functions to classes
  • TODO: iterator and yield
  • TODO: read the best practice for stdlib

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