Day 18 of 100 Days

Day 18: 2018/05/13

Today’s Topic: Python: Generic

Today’s Progress: Improved number to English program. and check (unit) testing + pdb tutorial.

Thoughts: Yesterday, I did the number to word part from big digits to small digits (millions, hundred thousand..), and there are bugs that I cannot easily solve. Instead of trying to find the bug, I started from scratch and redo the design. I started from the small digits to big digits (single digits, tens, hundreds…). This approach would work for such small programs, but for big programs, this might not work.

Because of the debugging, I think I should check if there’s a good (unit) testing module/framework that I can use for Python, and I should learn it.

This also applies to PDB topic.


  • redesign vs debug
  • The list of testing tools: PyUnit, pytest, wiki here.
  • pdb

Link to work: Link to my own Google drive to show my progress here.

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