Day 19 of 100 Days

Day 19: 2018/05/14

Today’s Topic: Python: Generic topics

Today’s Progress: Today I started with the idea of “python code to exe”, I also modify my “” to handle 3 digit number in file names (instead of 2)

Thoughts: The first thing I did today was “python code to exe”. The reason is some of the code I might want some other people to run it on their machine, so I tested with pyInstaller. That works kind of OK but the “icon” is not to my liking.

I also re-download the udemy “python bootcamp” course. This has changed to be python 3, so I re-download it. The used to handle 2 digit file names, I had to do minor adjustment to handle 3 digits.


  • pyInstaller or py2exe (see here)
  • pyInstaller –onefile <xxx>.py
  • The pyinstaller “–icon” option is not working (at least for me), and there are multiple discussions online. I will have to come back to it later.

Link to work: Link to my own Google drive to show my progress here.

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