Day 26 of 100 Days

Day 26: 2018/05/22

Today’s Topic: SuperLearner

Today’s Progress: more STVM games. Going through training schedule.

Thoughts: One of the most difficult things I found for super learning program is the lack of “training schedule”. There’s a PDF syllabus that’s provided by Jon Levi, but then it’s a syllabus, it’s not a training schedule guide. When the syllabus says “try the SVTM” game for 10 minutes, should I do it 10+ minutes? 20+ minutes? Should I do it daily? Every other day? This is one of the most difficult parts for me.


    • You do need at least 3 hours of training per week. Please do not exercise more than 15 hours per week.
    • blog with good subjects.
    • Train SVTM daily for 15 min.
    • Week 1: Proposed daily training:
    • Additional training games:
      • Spot the difference games improve your concentration and focus. Another variation of the same game here. (with a lot more games here!)
      • This fun game will train you to remember markers with many details.
      • Standard memory games are also important.
        Some freestyle training here and here.
        No timing on these games. It is very important to have fun.
    • Target: You will know you are ready to move on when you can create visual markers with ease and want to practice the skill on real things.
    • Practice when you travel.



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