Round 2, Day 1 of 100 Days

Round 2, Day 1: 2018/06/26

Today’s Topic: SuperLearner

Today’s Progress: Start from scratch again. Video 1 to 7 is done. I will need to do the goal and progress test tomorrow.

Thoughts: As expected, I failed the first round. 26 days in a roll is not bad, but it’s not 100 days. Me being me, doing what I usually do, I am starting all over again. I will try to do 30 minutes+ every day, and this time, I am starting from Super Learner. If I can only learn one thing this year, this is the topic I really want to be good at.
So here I go again, Super Learner (2.5), here I come.


    • For the first day (all over again), I went through the key to study training schedule again and created (bookmarked) a few things/games so I can come back regularly.
    • The key to study schedule is a bit different from the syllabus. The syllabus has a more “forgiving” timeline, where the key to study is kind of pushy.
    • For now, I will follow both as close as possible, but then use my judgment call to decide which one is the correct next direction so I can finish this (and practice correctly).

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