Round 2, Day 2 of 100 Days

Round 2, Day 2: 2018/06/27

Today’s Topic: SuperLearner

Today’s Progress: Starts from video 8 to video 11.
My goal is set and posted in my cubicle.
Reading baseline is re-done: result: 170 wpm with 71% comprehension. (A drop from before which was 173 wpm with 85% comprehension), despite I have done this specific one before.)
Getting another test (hopefully more accurate because I have never done this one),  I got 182 wpm with 91% comprehension. (The article is fairly easy)
With yet another one, I got 209 wpm with 75% comprehension.
Tomorrow, I will need to do the chunking worksheet.

Thoughts: Just viewing the video is very easy. I could keep on doing it, but without practice, this makes no sense. For the first week, I should start to practice the following daily:
10 mins: memory flash
10 mins: 20 random words
The practice for this is for “chunking” skills, more than anything else.


Link to work: N/A

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