Round 2, Day 3 of 100 Days

Round 2, Day 3: 2018/06/28

Today’s Topic: SuperLearner

Today’s Progress: I listened to the “Interview w/ Memory Champ Nelson Dellis ” from lecture 4.
10 mins: memory flash

In the podcast, Nelson Dellis talked about not only the mental part but also the physical exercises as well. (Which is interesting, maybe I should do more physical activities?)


  • 10 mins: memory flash running random numbers of 2 characters is already not easy. I can see how this will take practice to do.
  • Once I focus for 10 minutes (actually 9 minutes only) for the memory flash, I cannot focus anymore on the 20 random words.
  • I can see how this will take a lot of brain power. Maybe adjust my schedule and practice this in the morning?

Link to work: N/A

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