Round 2, Day 4 of 100 Days

Round 2, Day 4: 2018/06/29

Today’s Topic: SuperLearner

Today’s Progress: 10 mins: memory flash and 15 mins: 20 random words

I am taking it slow for the weekend (maybe I should not?)


  • 10 mins memory flash running random numbers of 2 characters becomes easier, but this is not as fun as 20 random words. I actually did 3 characters, random from 3 to 8 to practice.
  • For the 20 random words, it’s actually getting interesting. As long as I make up ridiculous stories about each word, I can probably get to 15 / 20 correct (but then I am not practicing chunking)
  • Should I work on chunking, or should I work on markers? I have to double think about it.

Link to work: N/A

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