Round 2, Day 5 of 100 Days

Round 2, Day 5: 2018/07/01

Today’s Topic: SuperLearner

Today’s Progress: finished all the supplemental material for section 1 and 2 (except for chunking worksheet). For the videos, I finished session 2 with quiz 2.
Need to finish the chunking worksheet tomorrow.

I am doing this for the sake of not forgetting and not “not learning” for the weekends
Maybe I should do a regular gaming session on weekends as well?


  • Dual coding cookbook
    1. During prereading (previewing the text) notice rare words, names, numbers.
    2. For each unique object, try to visualize it and also to imagine its sound. To add sound to numbers use mnemonic devices like pegs/PAO/major system.
    3. When reading, do not just visualize the meaning of the text, but also feel the rhythm of the text: the length of sentences, the structure of the paragraphs, the music of the words.
    4. After reading think about what you just read. Maybe you will want to write or draw something. Maybe you will experience a moment of discovery and will want to remember the physical context of it: your body, the room where you sit, the time of the day.
    5. Try to recall what you just read using various senses: recall from the visualization, recall from the audio perception, from the physical context.
    6. If you have time and persistence, try synaesthesia, breathing or dexterity exercises you can find on this blog.  If you need further ideas, contact me with specific requests.

Link to work: N/A

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