100DaysOfCode: Day 87

Day 87, this has been split into multiple days, one reason is I am really busy in the past X days, the other one is, as I previously said, I am not that into web development. But anyways, here it is. The instruction said to use day 66’s data as my base, but after research a bit, the code can be more or less coming from day 69. the blog one. I minimized the assignment to be “none user controlled”, meaning anyone can add or delete a cafe. That way, I don’t have to worry about the user/pasword hash etc for now, but focus on the individual html page, which should show some what pretty display, and the actions that’s on the navigation bar should be functionable. This is an interesting project to do, and not super hard to finish. All I have to concur is the road block in my mindset only.

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