100DaysOfCode: Day 89

Day 89 is writing the “most dangerous writing” app, where you have to keep typing or the stuff will be gone. The demo was in web format, so I was thinking how I can achieve this, since there are actions, and I think this will involve javaScript (which I don’t know anything about). But then reading harder in the title, I saw the (GUI Desktop App), and that makes this a bit easier. With tkinter only contains a window, a timer (display) and a text field, I should be able to do this. The GUI is fairly easy, and I didn’t get too fancy (I didn’t consider the scroll bar for example or any wrapping), but then we have to think how I can trigger the timer to restart if a key is typed. The window.bind(“<Key”, func) does the trick. Once I figured that out, the rest is easy, just put in count down timer from pomodoro project, and remember to after_cancel the old timer, then it can be done. The project took about fairly long to think, but to write the code, it’s not all that hard.

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