100DaysOfCode: Day 91

Day 91’s project is “color hunter”. Basically, the webpage should do this: you upload/select an image, and it does the “top 10 colors” showing in that image.

My idea is to split the project to two parts:

  1. load (and display) the image
  2. analyze the uploaded image.

So far, I did the first one.

It took a few tries. For example, my original idea is to have the index.html does the load and display. But the only way I could make it work was via javaScript (from here), but even that it took a few tries. I forgot that where I could put my javaScript (eventually put it under <scripts> in <body>), I forgot I needed to load the jQuery framework in the header etc. Those took a while.

But eventually my idea became fully utilizing flask only. So I would have a index html page for the select image and upload, then it will redirect to a different image.html for the display. Then, the next step should be the image “analyze” part.

#TODO next: add the image to a route path (route(“/image” for example), so this handles the submit for the analyzation process. Then use numpy to get the top color. This should be next step.

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