100DaysOfCode: Day 84

Day 84 project (and possibly future ones) is split into 2 actual days. (2021/02/18 and 2021/02/19 so far). The project is to write a GUI version of image viewer and add a mechanism to apply watermark to it. The application eventually come out to be very barebone, and apply a static watermark in a specific location. But it matches the requirement and I am leaving this here so I can improve the project later.

The first difficulty for this project is, it has been so long since we wrote a tkinter GUI application (back to day 30 ish, so it’s 50+ days!!), so I forgot a bunch of tkinter syntaxes. The second difficulty that I encounter is more technical, for some reason, when I apply canvas.itemconfig(canvas_image, image=new_image), the canvas does not show correctly after this, it will become “blank”. The workaround I applied is to add a “canvas.mainloop()”. But I don’t remember we had to do this before. I need to dig a bit deeper into it.

The other thing that I learned/discovered during today’s project is, it’s really helpful to stop when you already spent a lot of time on it and didn’t make much progress. For example, I stuck on the the 2nd difficulty I mentioned above for more than a few hours. I slept on it and it didn’t help much. But then I just drop that and went to play some video games, and when I come back, I thought of trying a different workaround, and that solved (not really) my issue. So I have to remember this, and learn to “temporarily let go” when I got stuck.

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