100DaysOfCode: Day 85

Again, day 85 project is split into 2 days, (2/20 and 2/21). The same thing happened again, because I am not super familiar with tkinter, I have to review a few of the old projects (day 28 pomodoro and day 34 quiz game for example) before I can even start. Even worse for today is, I don’t have a good idea how the GUI should look like, especially when I think of the word typed should be 1 word at a time (to check). I eventually adopt some idea from the aidanjames (https://github.com/aidanjames/typing-speed-test) to have a label to show the previous word, a label to show the current word and a label to show the final word. Once this is set, the program can go faster. But, still not done within the 120 mins as the assignment shows. But overall, I think the program works as expected. Of course it can use some enhancement (like blink red when a word is typed wrong or something), but I am not going to kill myself over this kind of small enhancements.

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